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Video Game Meme Day 5 - Game Character You Feel You Are Most Like (Or Wish You Were)

Is it totally cheating to pick my HUmar from Phantasty Star Online? Because, as an early console MMORPG with just the right options in it's character creation, the character in question got to be me, only with high-tech space gadgetry. Which, y'know. Would both be kinda cool, and hits "most like" on the head quite well. :p

It probably is cheating though. Which is a shame, since it's actually -really- difficult to think of a character that is actually much like me - apparantly my particular mix of cynicism, humour and soft-spokenness isn't a popular way to build a video game character. At least, not any that I know, anyway.

Video Game Meme Day 6 - Most Annoying Character

I'm sure many people would automatically award this to classic, well-known annoying tutorial/help/navigational characters. Such as Navi. I, however, have never played Ocarina of Time, and the only other I can think of having played a game with is Sonic Adventure 2's Omachao, who is similarly irksome. That said, for me neither is annoying enough to take the crown.

No, that dubious honour goes to the pilot "Falcon" from MechCommander, who managed to inspire brutal, brutal hatred from me with nothing but an annoying voice and a thumbnail picture barely an inch square. I mean, that's impressive. Being forced to rescue her in her first mission and then find her automatically assigned to your unit only made it worse, since the other annoying pilots I was never forced to even consider, much less have to use. She often found herself deployed in a 'Mech bereft of armour or weapons and then used as headshot targetting practice by the rest of the team, until she became the first and only death of my forces.
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