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Video Game Meme Day 7 - Favorite Game Couple

Video Game Meme Day 7 - Favorite Game Couple

Hum. Well, uh.
Y'know, while love stories in games is quite common, thinking of a couple that I particularly enjoyed is difficult. In some cases (Crono and Marle) because one half of the couple spends so much time as "silent protagonist" that you only get a good opinion on one side of the couple, the other half being entirely up to personal interpretation - which leads to very marked differances depending on the player. In some (Isaac and Jenna), it's because the couple, while clearly implied, is never actually -formed- during the events of the game, and remains speculative throughout. And in others (Squall and Rinoa, Tidus and Yuna), the primary couple is stymied by the fact that I find neither of it's members particularly captivating, instead finding the side characters far more endearing (Selphie, for instance). That's probably just personal taste though.

So, I'm going to give this one to Adell and Rozalin, if only because they're one of the few couples I remember enjoying that don't fall into any of the above traps. :p It was quite enjoyable to see the change in their opinions of each other sneak up on 'em, and their constant futile denials of any such feelings afterwards to the rest of the cast.
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