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Video Game Meme Day 8 - Best Soundtrack

Video Game Meme Day 8 - Best Soundtrack

Oooh, tricksy. Yasunori Matsuda made some masterful stuff in the process of the Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross soundtracks (I've never even played the latter, having only bothered to find and enjoy the soundtrack, though I am told I have lost nothing of value). Nobuo Uematsu, similarly, has some evocative and memorable tracks in just about every Final Fantasy game, though generally only a handful at a time. On a completely differant trend, Deux Ex has a very evocative soundtrack, I just have no idea who composed it.

I'm actually going to give this one to the Inti Creates sound team, though, for the Megaman ZX soundtrack, which sold me on it's opening level track (Green Grass Graduation) and then at no point delivered a track which I did not quite thoroughly enjoy - a feat which is quite a rarity in soundtracks, if only because providing 20-30 enjoyable but differant tunes is quite a task, and many games often have at least one or two which are mediocre at best.
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