Silversword (silversword_en) wrote,

Off the top of my head


The Good news!
I keep getting additional hours at work. I suspect they won't last indefinately, but I shall milk them for all I can, even if it is going to hold up other projects. May as well get as much money as I can, after all.

Developments on all fronts proceed...albiet slowly.

The Bad News!
I have lost my necklace. The clasp was being weak and useless repeatedly over the past few weeks, but every other time it came loose I noticed the sudden schlump and reattached it properly. Not so today; it vanished sometime and somewhere between when I went to work and when I got home. I'ma ask if anybody saw it at work when I go back this evening, but I'm not exactly in high hopes - it could be on a train somewhere or anywhere between. Sadface. :<

I haven't had much in the way of time to even attempt to continue serious scripting, let alone drawing, of various projects. Productivity is way down. That makes me a sad bunny.

The cat has injured himself. We're not sure how, or even exactly -where-, but there's definately some bleeding going on. He seems mostly okayish with it, providied you don't actually -touch- his tail (the closest area we can identify that may be the injured one), but it's still not exactly good for him.

The...Other News!
My shoulders -were- a massive knot of treachery and pain, now they are merely a dull throb. Which is better, I guess, but it would've been nice if they hadn't argued with the rest of me in the first place, and they're still not -good-.
Illness is 90% dissapated....but not the full 100. >:[

And that's more or less the size of things, right about now.

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