Silversword (silversword_en) wrote,

Such is the way of things.

Off to the vet tomorrow morning. Apparantly, tail surgery for the cat will not be as expensive as potentially expected, but -will- be expensive nontheless. Somewhere in the region of £300, they tell me.

Still, better done and a few hundred pounds down than not done and the poor kitty left with that rather nasty, and now quite possibly infected, wound. Poor thing injured himself a couple weeks ago, though we still don't know exactly how. It was unpleasant for him for a few days, after which he seemed to no longer be in pain - but it's not healing, and if anything, getting worse. Thus, he finally has an appointment with the vet.

I'll miss the flicky nature of his tail, but at least he'll be well.

Though, if I may be so bold as to appeal to your collective generosity, any little bit to help blunt the cost of the surgery would be most appreciated.

Tags: kitty!, life

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