February 6th, 2011


Suddenly, Pokémon. Thousands of them.

I'm not sure if getting myself back into pokémon trains of thought a month before Black and White is a better idea than waiting or not, but it's happened.

I never did finish training up my proper pre-BW team. Need to hunt down some proper Ralts, y'see.

Still. Weavile's coming along nicely. Also tore a hole in one of the Frontier Brains; never bothered with the Battle Tower really before now, so that's been fun.

It -would- be kinda nice to get some more mixed records to put some more people in the Viridian Trainer House, though. I forget how many people it can have, but right now I have two, one of which is a hilariously underlevelled friend who I got to mix in just for free'n'easy battle points, and other of which is the default man. Trying my stuff out on some real teams would be nice. Also, battle points. Always good to have more battle points.