First things first; for those who find my creative endeavours to be of interest, I have aquired and am using a new blog at Dreamwidth as a new creative outlet point. Drawing crossposts, writing bits'n'bobs, worldbuilding and all that related etcetera can be found over there instead. Saves on personal clutter, y'see.

On a related note, I was wondering about my random 40k army building blogging, and whether to move that somewhere else where it might find a greater audience - or at least, not be squashed between (or as is the current case, mostly after) my infrequant delves into my life. I'm considering maybe just reposting 'em on the EN site itself - after all, much as our current goal is to downplay or remove Games Workshop referances, it's foolish to believe that we don't have a reasonable following of fans because of 'em. Thus, 40K posts might be of interest to such an audience.

Might not be a good idea, of course, but that's why I'm merely 'wondering' as opposed to 'doing'. I'd need to fix the site so that front-page commentary works in any case, so it's not like it can be an -immediate- implementation.
At least, not a particularly fruitful one.